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I could not believe the product was delivered today, that was quick. Yes, it does fit the board socket as intended.

—— Craig

The flexible MOQ & fast delivery makes me impressive

—— Oleg

the factory is wonderful, it's very clean & tidy, well done in 5S management.

—— Greg Cho

The product are wonderful. The sample is delicered very fast.

—— Peter Svedmyr

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A independent department is responsible for checking the safety and quality of all newly developed products as well as those that are mass-produced for buyers.




Quality Control personnel who are all experts in their respective product assignments check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.




Plastic materials provided by EMS 6093 AS/VO there Toray CM3004Vo, Lcp that Tyco's E130i, copper-based materials with domestic Zijin coppe



Raw materials, testing environmental testing, storage, process control, product storage test, product storage, shipment inspection, customers, quality feedback, handling

We are proud to announce our through the following certification: ISO, UL, certificate, REACH.


Environmental testing instrument:



Automatic force tester





The Insulation and force tester




The salt spray tester

  • Dongguan Xinpei Plastic & Metal Electronic Co. Ltd



    Yayımlanma tarihi:2014-01-10

    Bitiş tarihi:2017-01-09

    Kapsam/Aralık:Connectors for Use in Data,Signal,Control and Power Applications

    Tarafından verilen:UL China Certirication&Inspection Group Dongguan

  • Dongguan Xinpei Plastic & Metal Electronic Co. Ltd



    Yayımlanma tarihi:2015-11-14

    Bitiş tarihi:2017-11-13

    Kapsam/Aralık:All of our products

    Tarafından verilen:CTI

  • Dongguan Xinpei Plastic & Metal Electronic Co. Ltd

    Standart:ISO 9001:2008

    Sayı:117 13 QU0089-10 R1M

    Yayımlanma tarihi:2013-10-15

    Bitiş tarihi:2016-10-14

    Kapsam/Aralık:Production and processing of Electroninc injection molding part and metal pressing part.

    Tarafından verilen:CAS

  • Dongguan Xinpei Plastic & Metal Electronic Co. Ltd

    Standart:ISO 14001:2004

    Sayı:11714 EI0666 R1M

    Yayımlanma tarihi:2014-10-27

    Bitiş tarihi:2017-10-26

    Kapsam/Aralık:The Related Environmental Management Activities of Production and Processing of Electronic Injection Moldin Part and Metal Pressing Part

    Tarafından verilen:CAS

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Dongguan Xinpei Plastic & Metal Electronic Co. Ltd

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Tel: 86-769-82109962-82616722

Faks: 86-769-87938478

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